My scans are stable! My cancer is still confined to just my rib! Fantastic news!
Just got home from Plattsmouth...doin' my "hope thing"! Drove the whole way in the wind and snow!
If I ever get my arms around a palm tree I will NEVER let go!!!!!
Headed to Omaha to share my story with a couple hundred more people tomorrow evening! ...but, I do have to work in the meantime, so I better get to bed! I am wiped out! Thanks for all of your support and getting me through yet another set of scans!
What am I thankful for?! I am thankful that my cancer isn't spreading and I am THANKFUL that I get to kiss my kids goodnight!
Hope and Love! -T


Anonymous said...


Good news! Glad to hear everything is ok.
You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Stu & Leah

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the news! When you go to find those palm trees, take me with you please! :-) Have a wonderful week!

Lisa Lintt

Jen Peterson said...

So glad to hear the results!!! You are truly an inspiration to all that battle this horrible disease.

Anonymous said...

Hellllllllooooooo......how about an update sweetie, hope you are doing okay?

Anonymous said...

You've been gone from work a lot lately. You've looked sad, are you okay?