School pick-ups

I just wanted to share some absolute joy that I get to feel every day! I have been blessed with the opportunity to pick my boys up from school. Every other year they have had to ride a daycare van. Laken, when he walks out of the school, I watch him locate me, and then run a dead sprint to the jeep with the absolute hugest smile on his face. I have never felt more loved!!! He jumps in the back seat and then crawls right up to give me a kiss! Skye, I pick him up at middle school, so I really wasn't sure what to expect out of him, he is so dang cool and all. However, like clockwork he gets in gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me. Right there!!! I hesitated the first time thinking he wasn't really going to give me a kiss.... I am so blessed with boys that are not ashamed to love their mama! I am proud! Now....I don't want them to be weird mamas boys living in my basement at 27...but for now, I couldn't be happier!
Thankful for?!?! Love in my life!


Off week

Today is a scheduled no chemo day! Thank goodness.  The last couple days I have been feeling pretty yucky and have had some trouble with nausea and vomiting. Fortunately I got some rest lastnight because this week is sure to be busy with school and football. I was so blessed to have Dan's dad pick up the boys for baseball lastnight and my mom and dad came over and helped with some of my overdue fix-it projects and yard work. Yesterday I mowed the front yard and got sick. I think it is the heat. I have always been a fan of the hot hot weather, but I guess I just can't tolerate it like I used to. Well...Laken is getting out of school. Gotta run!
What am I thankful for!? My family!


The project....

Laken Daniel

Amazing boy.

Laken and I spent 6 hours together today, building a dresser, and we did it wrong so we can't when use it, but we high-fived our way through the parts we did right and had a great time working together....much patience and perseverance was shown by both of us! We will figure out how to fix it tomorrow.  I hope.
We also watched a Disney movie that turned out to have kids with a dad, but their mom had died. Laken was able to express his fears to me about the possibily of me dying, and we had a very mature discussion about it. I love that he is able to express his feelings with me. It means the world to me. I only wish Skye was able to do the same. He is much more closed up, emotionally.
What am I thankful for?! Another wonderful day with my children! Though we had some tears with a tough conversation, we were together and many more "I love you's" were exchanged!!! Hope and Love!


See you on the flip side, Mel! Rest In Peace! Love, me.
What am I thankful for!? Mel's strong faith.


Rough night

Trying to sleep tonight, but my back pain just wont let me. Also have my friend Mel on my mind. He is not doing well.  Cancer is rough. Unless you have cancer, I think it is hard to truly understand all the ways it messes up your life. Your health, your relationships, your fears about the future, your career, your ability to walk run jump and play....it is all changed in the blink of an eye.
What am I thankful for!? Time with the boys and an evening with Jayme and Susan.


Scan results and chemo!

The cancer in my lymphnodes is smaller! The bone cancer is not larger! There are no new areas of disease! My pulmonary effusion has resolved!
Today my labs were high enough to get chemo!
What am I thankful for!? A nice dinner and drinks with Jennifer, a fantastic weekend in North Platte, and fun at the saltdogs game with my boys! Thankful that chemo is working! Thankful for all this good fortune! LIFE IS GOOD!!! Focusing on the positives really helps!


Trip to Omaha

Went in for chemo today only to find that my counts were down...no treatment.
Scans will be this Wednesday.
Hopefully chemo next Monday. I would guess everything will depend on the results of my scans.
Thankful for?!?! Quality time with my boys tonight. We were in bed just talking for 2 hours. The things they tell me...I am so blessed.
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