HAPPY ARBOR DAY! I am thankful for a weekend to spend with family and friends before my new chemo starts! Good Luck Diamond Dawgs and Lincoln Marathoners!


Sad News- Turns out the chemo I've been on hasn't been working. CT scans indicate previous areas of cancer are larger & there are a smattering of new areas.
May 3rd I start a new chemotherapy regimen- full steam ahead! I wish I wasn't going into this already fatigued! Dan & I did sit down and tell the boys tonight!
Thankful for?! Kids who are tough as nails! I pray they wouldn't need to be.


Called to get my CT results from the nurse like I always do. The receptionist said she would have my nurse call me back, like she always does....no call.......
Called for my results the 2nd time & the receptionist put me on hold for the nurse & then got back on the phone to say the Doc will call me. Not sounding good!
Thankful for?!? Friends who talk me through all the possibilities and remind me I have Adivan.... Those through "Thick and Thin" friends! Love you guys!
My Doc didn't call with my scan results yesterday, so I will call this morning and see what I can find out! My fingers and toes are starting to cramp!!! =)
THANKFUL for?!? The story posted below! 17 years is a long time to live with this disease, physically and mentally! What HOPE she provides for human STRENGTH!
A MUST READ from NY TIMES: 17 Years Later, a Cancer Survivor Is Celebrating Life
For more: http://s.nyt.com/s/CsD=24U
HOPE and LOVE! -Tracy


Had chest, abd, & pelvic CT scans today, & also a tibia x-ray. 1st time in a long time that I had tears going into the scanner. Cross your fingers and toes!!!
They are putting a rush on my scan results, so I will probably hear today yet or tom. morning, so send your prayers quickly if u are sending them! HOPE & LOVE!
Thankful for? Koke & the scan dance; for Jill & the others that turn scans at Cancer Cntr into "catching up with friends"! Bless you!!! & a lil extra for Matt!


MRI Results: No cancer in my brain! Today is a day to celebrate!!! AMEN!
What am I thankful for?! Getting a break, medically. I needed positive results for once! YAY!
Waiting....... Thankful for?! The smells of spring! Love the blooming trees, the fresh rain, and the newly mowed lawns. LOVE IT!


Waiting Game...had brain MRI done at 12:30pm today. They said it will be anywhere from 24-72 hours to get the results. 24 okay. 72 CRAZY. HOPE and LOVE, Tracy
What am I thankful for?! All the support I get at work from friends and admin! Thank you all!
Heading to get MRI of brain. Was having some symptoms& then last night I passed out. Just need to check things out since I haven't had MRI lately.


May next appt with my Oncologist is May 3rd.
Cancer update: Tykerb/Xeloda are my current chemos. The lymphnodes & lung/liver are clear & the rib is unchanged/painful. New cancer in my tibia (shin bone).
ONj Update: The condition has not gotten any better, but I have a doc at the pain clinic who is managing my meds & the pain is under fairly good control! Whew!
I continue to be SO, SO, SO thankful for my children, every sec of every day! They are my life! I'm also thankful that they have a Dad that loves them equally!
NYT: Cancer Fight: Unclear Tests for New Drug
For more: http://s.nyt.com/s/H8ZmJIM