Giving THANKS today! ...the list is unending! I feel so blessed! Have a safe holiday full of love, happiness, and good cheer! Hope and Love, T


2nd Opinion on Jaw

Well, I met with the oral surgeon at UNMC that works with a lot of patients with ONj. And, the consensus is that we do...nothing. There is good and bad news that goes with this decision.
The good news: He thinks that if my ONj was going to progress it would have already progressed at least a little in the last three months that I have been dealing with it. So, he doesn't think that it will get worse.
The bad news: What will happen is that piece of my jaw will die, and I will "spit it out". Mmmm...nice. But, once that happens there will, hopefully, be enough tissue for that area to heal shut and, hopefully, make my pain go away. This could take anywhere from 6 months to 18+ months to occur.
To review-
Good news: The pain will end.
Bad news: Not for quite some time.
What am I thankful for?!
Dinner with Dad and grandma and grandpa Lingwall this afternoon, and Thanksgiving with Mom and grandma and grandpa Leff this weekend. And...the kids are excited to open one Christmas present each tonight and we had fun decorating for Christmas lastnight. Life is still good! =)


Well, the appt is set! I will meet with the specialist at UNMC on Monday at 1pm! I am hopeful that he will have some helpful ideas for me!
What am I thankful for?! Todays beautiful weather!


Great article Jennifer (Lowe) Livernois! Thankful for you and your proactive attitute in your community!
Health officials decry report on mammograms
Saw the oral surgeon. He's referring me to a specialist at UNMC. The date of that appt isn't set yet. Until then, continue pain meds & stop the topical agents.
Thankful for?! A new perspective on the horizon. And I am thankful for my oral surgeon. I honestly think he wants what is best for me! Thanks for the hug!


Whining about my mouth/jaw...sorry.

Here is a link to the best information I have found regarding my condition....I have had a million and one people ask me about it, and why they can't "fix" it, and what they are going to do next, etc. Here is a good article regarding my condition and the treatment of my condition...


I do think I would think twice before ever taking IV Zometa, and I will NEVER go back on it again! I am miserable! I have had a "toothache" for 3 months now! I think the drug company should add to the list of warnings that it CAN and DOES spontaniously occur in patients that have had NO dental work done, and who have EXCELLENT teeth and dental hygiene. I know...because it happened to me.

I see the oral surgeon again tomorrow. I hope he has an idea for better pain management!

What am I thankful for?! Pain medication.


Had my monthly follow-up appt with my oncologist today. *Nothing new to report* Scans in 4 wks. Thankful for?! The nice drive to Omaha. The weather is great!


Missed my kids more than anything lastnight! Wish I could have gone trick-r-treating with them. Thankful for?! IM picture messaging! Thanks for the photos, Dan!