I had treatment again this week. It went well. No surprises. I had Herceptin and Zometa, as I have been, my lab was drown and my blood counts are only a hair below normal, and I visited with the PA instead of my doctor, as he was out of the office. My MUGA scan indicated that my EF was up to 57%. It was at 50% 3 months ago, so that was good news. I asked that we see if I can get a PET scan the next time I have scans instead of the multiple CT scans. I haven't had a PET scan since June '06 and I have changed insurance companies, so hopefully they will approve it! She didn't see any reason why my doctor would disagree with the idea. I haven't really been having any new symptoms, so I felt no need to have scans before the holidays. If you rememeber, I had back surgery last Thanksgiving and a mastectomy last Christmas, and spent New Years Eve on the couch with drain tube while my husband and friends partied around me! This year I was looking to secure an uneventful holiday season! I have been having scans every 3 months since my heavy chemo ended, and with my last scans being in August, I will probably be getting them scheduled shortly...but not until after the new year! If I have cancer hiding in my big toe I do not want to know about it until after the New Years bashes are over! But, let me reiterate...I am having NO new symptoms, and I have no reason to be lieve that I have any new cancer anywhere!
So, the running. It has been going okay. I am running 4-5 miles a day, 3-5 times per week. My biggest issue seems to be my knees, not my back, so I guess my age is more to blame than my cancer for any difficulty that I am having. But, I am just stubborn enough to run through it. Lord help me if I don't run this half marathon in May! I will need some patience and understanding!
What am I thankful for?! All the wonderful people that I have met through the Relay that are asking me to come speak at their events! I have a few friends that are going through a lot with their cancers right now, or cancer in their family, and it hurts my heart so much. I told my husband just last night that I wished it was closer to the first of the year when the Relay starts to kick back into gear, because I was really needing to feel like I was doing something to Fight Back! I hate to feel helpless! I suppose you all know how that feels, as we all seemed to be touch by cancer in one way or another.
Later Gators!