Dear GOD, If you are reading my BLOG, could you PLEASE give me strength to cope with my mouth pain? I'm not being very patient with people that I care about.
Thankful for?! Secret Santa surprises, becoming a member at my church, and a weekend with Jayms! (not necessarily in that order)


Results: My cancer is stable. I'll stay on my current chemo regimen as it appears to be helping! Doc is going to talk to a pain specialist about my mouth. HOPE!
Thankful for?! My boys. Wow, could two little boys have bigger hearts?! I am so lucky! <3


CT Scans tomorrow....

Thankful for?! Healthy children. I love them!


Overly busy weekend, and then 1st scans since starting new chemo on Monday! Thankful for?! The opportunities I have been given in life!