"Kim is Dancing with Jesus"

Kim is my friend---a beautiful, strong, AMAZING woman with an enduring faith! And now, she has ended her almost 6 year battle with breast cancer at the age of 33 years. As her husband so beautifully put it, "Kim is Dancing with Jesus"!
I am happy for Kim, because she is now free of the pain and suffering that was tying her down, and free of the mental fatigue of a declining body.
I pray for her family, her friends, her husband, and her three gorgeous children who will miss her terribly! She will live in their hearts and mine forever and ever, as she watches over them from above!

Kim, Someday I will see you again. Just like you said in your note to me..."I will meet you at the pearly gates, sooner or later! Heaven is our eternal pain-free life!" You got it!
Dance on my Sister!!!! (...maybe put in a good word for me with the big man!) Love, Tracy

Since Kim's "Celebration of Life" will be on Wednesday morning, I have rescheduled my scans for Thursday! Thanks to everyone who has been keeping me in their prayers, and throw one in for Kim's family if you could!
What am I thankful for?! The huge outpouring of support that Kim and her family have in Orange City! It is a beautiful little town!

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