No changes! It's all good!!!
What am I thankful for?!
The warm-ish weather we have had the last couple of days!



Tomorrow I am having an MRI of my spine and rib x-rays due to increased pain over the last month or two. Here is to hoping it is just muscle tension.
The doctor said they would get the test results ASAP, so I should be able to BLOG my results tomorrow night.
Happy FAT TUESDAY to you all!
What am I thankful for?!
My two amazing children! They are the light of my life!


February already?!?!

I have been so crazy lately with the holidays, my computer being down for 3 weeks and my surgeries! I ended up with one more surgery at the beginning of this year to repair my hysterectomy. My stitches dissolved before my body was able to heal. Bummer. I am two weeks or so out from that, and so far so good!
Relay meetings are in full swing now, so I have our website up and going. I am excited about that. Perseverance Rocks! I am on the executive committee for our relay, I am a team captain again, and I am on a divisional work group for the Heroes of Hope program! I get to go to Dallas this month for the HOH workgroup. I work with such amazing people through relay. It is amazing what the ACS is able to do. They have a large and dedicated volunteer base! It is amazing the amount of work they convince us to do for free! LOL We all have our reasons! And most of us have MANY reasons!
What am I thankful for?! Optimism (no matter what).