For those of you that were concerned-

I made it to and home from Kim's Celebration of Life without any major problems with the weather. The wind was pretty bad on my little Jeep and it snowed the last 100 miles, but visibility was never really any issue. There were a few slick spots that the wind complicated a little, but all in all, was a fine drive.
Kim's Celebration was Perfect! I think it was just how she would have wanted it! It truely was a celebration!
It was a little cathartic for me, I cried through the whole thing, for so many, many reasons. She is such a beautiful person, but now she is a beautiful person on the other side.
Now on to scans...a little cranky. If you know me, I am a comfort food person, and veggies and meat don't really qualify in my book as comfort food. Well, not when you take all the good stuff off! My other coping skill is running, and I can't exercise either. Not for at least 48 hours prior to the PET scan. My only other coping skills I have left, are blogging and sleeping. So, I am going to throw this out there and hit the sack!
What am I thankful for?!? I am thankful that Kim and her family have a strong faith for which to cling to through their trials, tribulations, and the joyous times as well. I am thankful for their love and strength, and I am thankful for the big wonderful hugs that I got from her husband and her parents today. I was hoping that some of Kim was there with me in those moments. You can just feel the warmth in their family! All my love!
I am also thankful for all the 'good luck on your scans' text messages that I have been receiving ! I might not respond right away or even at all, but each and everyone is heart felt! I love all of you too!


Anonymous said...

Kim was lucky to have a friend like you! XO Sending you lots of HUGS and KISSES tomorrow! And I am always praying for you but I will pray extra tomorrow! Love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, hope all your scans go well and with good results. You are and always will be in my prayers!

Lisa (Kamprath) Lintt