Starting to feel the side effects of chemo & I'm not excited to start again next week. But, right now I get 7 days off the heavy meds & I'm off to VEGAS BABY!


Zometa in Omaha today. BP was low, but blood counts were all still hanging in there! One more day of Xeloda and then a 7 day break! Yay! Thankful for?! My boys!


Started chemotherapy today. As much as I hate all the side effects, I have too much to live for!
What am I thankful for?! Having roses delivered to me at work!


My Chemo is finally scheduled to be delivered TOMMORROW!!!
What am I thankful for?! Thick and Thin Friends.


I am so scared...

What am I thankful for?! (Anticipating) Another 1st day of school picture with me in it!


Waiting for the plan to start

Well, I am stopping the IV Herceptin because it is no longer keeping my cancer stable. I will stay on Zometa to keep my bones strong and slow the progression of the cancer that is in my rib and my spine (T11, T3 still looks stable). The rib pain is back, but with pain killers it still goes away completely. Hopefully the new chemo will help that also.
As for the lymphnodes above my left clavical, those are no longer seen on CT scan afters May's surgery and radiation treatment.
What is new is the lymphnodes above my right clavical and the nodule in my lung...I believe it is the left lower lobe.
The drugs I will be taking are Tykerb (which is the "next" Herceptin) and Xeloda, which is always taken in combination with the Tykerb.
Tykerb, as I understand it, is a biological drug that attacks only cancer cells, so is easier on the body. Xeloda is a chemotherapy which will have many of the other chemo sifde effects.
As for the hair...it might just thin, rather than falling out. I learned my lesson last time, so I am going to wait and see, rather than running out and chopping my hair off like I did last time!
Both of the new drugs are taken in pill form, which will reduce the hours spent in the oncology office! All I will have to go to the oncology office for is the IV Zometa, which only takes 30 minutes to infuse, and for my check ups with Dr. Langdon.
The Tykerb has to be delivered directly to me, and the Xeloda is picked up at the pharmacy with the anti-nausea meds, etc.
Right now I just have to wait for the Tykerb delivery arangements to be finalized and then I am good to go.
The Arimidex that I am taking makes me nauseous and causes some not so sweet hot flashes. I have switched over from the space heater to the fan!
That is all for now. ...I will let you know how things go when I get into it. I dont really know what to expect right now.
What am I thankful for?!
Dottie at Little Lingdom. She is an amazing support person for my kids!


What am I thankful for?! Having "the talk" with the kids & having them take it so well! So young & trusting! We all need Hope and Faith like that! I love them!
Update- I did have some clavical nodes & a lung nodule that showed up on CT scan & the cancerous rib & T11 in my spine...so, off the Herceptin & back to chemo.


What am I thankful for?! Every minute that I spend with my boys. I am ready for church in the morning... Much needed hope and faith!
Took the boys swimming & to the Co. Fair. Trying to keep busy & my mind off Monday's appt...but now it is nighttime, & the thoughts just won't shut off...


Hurry up and wait....

Well, the scans were done yesterday. My doctor is not in the office again until Monday the 10th, so I will go in at 9:30am that day to get my scan results and discuss what to do next.
In the mean time I purchased livingroom furniture and a video camera (to start a video journal), so, what I am saying is... I should have plenty to do with all my nervous energy.
Unfortunately, I am having a very tearful week and I am nervous to get the scan results (I guess that is natural in my situation).
I sure hope and pray that my cancer has only spread in my neck and not to other places!
But, until Monday I will try to keep the "what ifs" at bay as much as possible and spend some quality time with my kiddos and my BFF's!
What am I thankful for?!
Amy's new baby! Her baby pics are making me happy....what a beautiful little girl! Welcome to the world Graclyn!


FYI regarding Music...

If you go to the bottom of the page, you can pick which song off my list you would like to listen to, otherwise it randomly plays them.
I am always thankful for the music in my life! I always have a theme song!


What am I thankful for?! All those that "weathered the storm" with me at Relay! The rain came down but we PERSEVERED & the early morning hours were beautiful!

Relay Update

Perseverance raised approx $18,000! I am so proud of our team! 13 team members raised $1000 or more! WOW! Great for a "transitional" year! HOPE!!!


I update facebook much more often due to the ease & speed of it, & because I don't have to wait for the kids to go to sleep. Friend me @ Tracy Lingwall Harnly!


What am I thankful for?! The thoughts and prayers coming from all my family/friends, and for time at the pool with my kiddos (yep, blogging via text poolside!).

Health Update

Well, I finished radiation from the metastatic disease in my left clavicular lymphnodes and was feeling good. Unfortunately this last Tuesday I found new lumps on the other side of my neck....same set of nodes, just on the opposite side.
CRAP!!!!!!!! (sorry)
I have CT scans of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis tomorrow, and then I consult with my oncologist on 8/10. That is a lot more WAITING!
Thankful for?!
The last 4 1/2 years that my treatment has been working well (for the most part).