Sad news!

Well, since she has started a BLOG, I think it is safe to pass on to you that one of my best friends, going way back, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is sad news for me, and even more sad news for her. I hate the idea of anyone going through this, especially a dear friend!
I found out on my way home from our Dominican trip. I cried all the way through the airport and lit up everyone's phones until I got ahold of someone who could give me more information.
I hope that she knows that I would and WILL do anything in the world for her!
If you would like to check out Tracy's blog, here is the address- http://mynewreality-tracy.blogspot.com/
Keep her in your thoughts and prayers! I know I have wonderful people looking after me, and I hope that you will include her. In high school we were never referred to alone, we were always The Tracy's or The Blondie's! Now we are The little Miss Cancer Pants'! Some things I wish we didn't have to share.
What am I thankful for?!
I am thankful that her cancer did not spread to her lymphnodes and beyond! She is going to kick cancers butt!


Here come the Holidays!

Seems like I spend a good share of time thinking about medical things during the holidays.
The kiddos and I are going to spend Thanksgiving with my Grandparents and mom in Branson MO. The last few years Dan and I have been going seperate ways over thanksgiving in order to see our own families, and the kids have been going with him. This year they are going to go with me. Their great Grandma and Grandpa Leff are so excited that they are coming to visit, and my mom is already on her way to Branson. Dan is going to spend the holiday with his family and that totally incredibly cute little niece, Zoey! She is the highlight of the holidays.
After our trip to Branson I will be out of commission for a little bit. The first week in December I am having some non-cancerous growths removed from my colon and the second week in December I am having a hysterectomy. Yippie!
Then it will be Christmas and on to the New Year....
What am I thankful for?!


Scan Results

Everything looks stable according to my scans. The only definate cancer is in my right seventh rib, which is completely replaced with tumor, but still not really bothering me much, and then some tiny, questional spots at T3, T8, and T11 of my spine.
So... I consider this another win for me!
What am I thankful for?!?!
The doctors that are taking such good care of me now. And everyone at Midwest Cancer Imaging Center, for making scan day fun, not stressful! You all rock! See you in 3 weeks for my MUGA!