I completed the 10k in Omaha this past weekend, and I am getting excited for the Race for a Cure in Denver this coming weekend!!! Thankful for?! Fall weather!!


Only lab work today! 3 pokes & they got it! I won't hear anything unless they are too bad. I feel good, so I don't expect any bad news! Thankful for?! Jayme!


Thankful for?! This upcoming weekend with family and friends for the Omaha Marathon weekend!!!
Another doctors appointment today to discuss the many wonderful sideeffects of breast cancer treatment x4 1/2 years! But, done with Xeloda for 7 days!!! WooHoo!


The kids LOVED Sunday School again this week! Yeah! Off to get my lab drawn! Thankful for?! Pandora Radio- Sometimes its just the little things! Hope & Love!


Thankful for?! Eric and Sam for understanding the never ending cancer battle... Thanks for keeping me company in the trenches!
Thankful for?! Julie Kokrda for making me feel less crazy!
Thankful for?!?! Amy Hull, and her band of merry makers that have been dropping me care packages! Think and Thin!
Thankful for?! Lori Borer!
Starting my week on Xeloda. Let the weight loss begin! LOL! Also calling to set up an appt with a mental health specialist that works with cancer patients. =)


Please, HUG the people you love and tell them that you love them! It is so very important!!!! I am thankful for each and every hug and I love you that I get!
ERIC...I thought I typed him first! Eric recovers in the hospital from surgery because....CANCER SUCKS!!!
What am I thankful for?! Today, because yesterday is over and tomorrow is not a guarantee.
I...just swallow the pills down and pray they work! CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!!
Nicki, Nicki, and Linda try to recover and regroup after losing a husband, a step-mom, and a son-in-law! RECOVER, are you kidding me?!?! CANCER SUCKS!
Mandi asks me for prayers for her and her husband Scot as he battles insurance companies for cancer treatment that he NEEDS! CANCER SUCKS!!!
Marcie is raising little girls alone, through first days of school, potty training, gymnastic classes...because Jason lost his war with cancer! CANCER SUCKS!!!
Amberly is raising a 4 year old and infant twins through the side effects of chemo! These are supposed to be the best days of her life! CANCER SUCKS!!!
Tracy P has put off starting a family with her new husband because of her cancer treatments! CANCER SUCKS!!!
Susan feels like stopping chemo (but isn't going to) because the side effects are so awful!!! CANCER SUCKS!
Sam just found out that he has ANOTHER type of skin cancer...like one type wasn't enough??? CANCER SUCKS!!!
Patrick Swayze and Farrah Fawcett have now both lost their wars with cancer. CANCER SUCKS!


Thankful for?! I was truely blessed with a WONDERFUL day with the boys yesterday! Ice cream, swimming, running, bike riding...just a lot of together time!
Dr L was pleased with my response to chemo! Said I will stay on the Tykerb until cancer progresses. MAY get a break from Xeloda if scans are CLEAR in Dec.


Chemo only helps if I remember to take the pills! That would be the one downfall of oral chemotherapy. Taking my meds now! Thankful for?! A great workplace!


I can no longer feel the tumors in my neck! Chemotherapy must be working! And, the side effects have resulted in a 10# weight loss! (bonus) Just plain THANKFUL!


What am I thankful for?! An office with a door!
Im feeling better & going to work a little today. Still have pain with the shingles and can't wear a bra so Im going to have to one boob it..oh the humanity!


Home from girls trip to Vegas. I think I might have shingles and Skye has the stomach flu. Poor guy. I made a bed in the bathroom for him & he is a trooper!