There is always a story!

So... Yesterday was your average run of the mill day of nothing to eat and drink after midnight, no big deal, well, only a small deal when your scans are at 7am. So, ya miss a cup of coffee or two, or a diet soda, in my case.
Well, bigger deal when your scans are at 1pm! By that point I was starving...I eat when I am nervous, I think I have mentioned that before, and the caffeine headache had set in! They said I could take my medications as I normally do, so I went so far as to digging out the Midol for the caffeine content! I know, I truly am a caffeine junkie! People at work literally GIVE me money, "no need to borrow, please just take it" if I for get my soda money....sad isn't it.
Okay, so it's not like I don't have reserves, I have a few extra pounds packed on, it is not like I am going to starve to death!
I walked into the office where I was going to have my scans done and my tech was about to inhale tacos and a soda...I was joking around about how tacos were my fav, and he politely tucked them away, and offered to save one for me for after my scans. No, I did not take a taco from a starving tech. I assured him I could wait, and that I had twizzlers waiting for me in the car for when I was done! I got checked in and sat done. In the waiting room they were watching the Food Network! Apparently I was not the only one obsessing over food at the moment. I probably wasn't even that hungry, my stomach was just angry that I took my meds on an empty stomach and then threw in so midol on top of that! Yummy! But, the headache did go away which was nice.
So, when they were ready for me, I went to a room...more of a closet, with a recliner, a sink, and an IV pole, with a bright yellow sign that says "Warning: Radioactive Material". After about 5 minutes in the chair with an IV started and something from a syringe circulating, I realized that that Radioactive Material was ME! I know, right?! I was hoping I got to wear a t-shirt out of there with that warning on it! As if I don't have enough t-shirts. So, before a PET scan they give you the radioactive glucose, I believe that is what it is, but also a huge bag of fluids and some lasix (the stuff that makes you pee a lot). So, conveniently the bathroom is located right next door to me and my recliner in the radioactive closet! So for the next hour, or a little more I received IV fluids and then flushed them out, then more fluids and more flushing. Not really the funnest game, but it kept me occupied. I talked to the techs who lingered at the door every once in a while, and time went by. The tech that does most of my scans, we will call him Bobbie, but his name is Matt, is 25 years old and embarrasses easily...oh this is so fun for me, I love it when people embarrass easily!
I went back to the scanning room, got placed in the machine, and waited. Over the top of my feet, I could see the techs all gathering on the other side of the glass wall. They informed me that they were getting ready to start. The sooner the better, those rooms feel like meat lockers! They slowly moved my body into the machine, and then they all got these concerned and then perplexed looks on their faces! ---OH GREAT! ---After a couple of minutes Bobbie came back into the room and asked if I have had surgery on my right side, and if they had implanted something, and with his hands he is making a motion like it could be the size of a plum?! No, no surgery. I have cancer in the rib on that side...had I suddenly grown a massive tumor there?!? He then asked if when I was in the staging room, maybe I had my MP3 player laying on my chest and maybe that was showing up as heat or something?!?? No.... Then I realized that maybe it could be my breast prosthesis (which IS bigger than a plum, I know you were thinking that), so I told him I was wearing one, and went to take it out, and he had bolted out of the room muttering what sounded like "the girls will no more..."! One of the girls came in, I gave it to her, we started again, and that was that. The gel inset used to weigh down the foam prosthesis was showing up on the scan. Whew! That was a scare. The rest of the scan was quiet. I know they all know what it showed, but no one can tell me. I have to wait for the radiologists.
So, after the PET scan I went back to my closet to drink a little banana flavored CT contrast. Sadly, the same contract that has made me feel gaggy in the past, was now very exciting! Because...you guessed it.... it was now 3:30 or 4 o'clock, and I still had not yet had anything to eat or drink! They should have brought it in a champagne glass for as excited as I was! It was yummy....really! Matt, I mean Bobbie, walked by and I flagged him down and told him that I was hurt, because I thought we had something special, and when I tried to hand him my boob, he had bolted! HAHA! I know, creepy! But I crack me up! And, he does embarrass easy! All shades of red! Poor kid, had no idea what to say. He did mention that that was the first time that has ever happened to him, and then I told him not to worry, I am scheduled to be back every three months for the rest of my life! It could happen again!
So, I think that if anyone is looking for a good nuclear medicine tech, Bobbie might be looking for a new location to work at!!!
After my CT contrast had time to wind its way through my system, I was off to the CT scanner. That was quick and painless! I was done by 4:45pm when they took me back to the locker containing my purse, jacket and boob.
Another day at the cancer center was over!
So for those of you who are waiting to hear the results, I will find out Friday afternoon, or Monday morning! I will likely send out some text messages if you are in my cell phone and I will also blog the results to the rest of you. As always, your support is overwhelming and generous!
What am I thankful for?! All the very nice and fun techs that work in the office I go to! I am thankful for their ability to play along with all my joking, because that is how I get through days such as this. Humor heals! I am also thankful for the twizzlers that I had waiting for me in the Jeep when I left, and for the soda as big as my head that I drank on the way home. And as always, I am thankful for my hubby's support and for my sweet children (one old enough to be nervous too, and one young enough to keep us busy enough to occasionally forget to be nervous)! And again, I thank all of you who sent me text and e-mail prayers, vibes, and luck! Big 'ol hug and smooch to you all!

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Anonymous said...

This Bobby, I mean Matt, sounds like a real stud. You shouldn't give him such a hard time. Sorry to hear that he missed your appointment on Friday. Maybe next time you can show off your Jamaica picture again! :-)