For the love of scans...

Well, I think the melt down has begun, because everyone keeps asking me what is wrong with me...I guess I get a little short at times and a little weepy, and by weepy, I mean I cry if my pen runs out of ink. The other day, I cried so much I was insisting that I have my tearducts plugged and my ovaries removed!!! And I didn't even consciously know why I was feeling or acting that way until one of my friends asked, "So, when are your scans?". I guess sometimes you have friends that know you better than you know yourself!
Thankfully Relay season is now in swing and I have other things and people to concentrate on than just me, my scans, and whether or not I have cancer hiding in my big toe! Really, I lost a boob, how bad could a big toe be to lose...oh damn, flip flops...okay, so there can't be cancer in my big toe!
My scans...they are on Wednesday morning...7am in Omaha...being the morning person I am I plan to sleep right through them! I am having CT scans of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis, and a PET scan. The whole process will take about 4 hours. The CT scans have few rules...no food or drink after midnight. The PET scan is a little more picky. No exercise for two days prior, and the day before, nothing but veggies and protein! Sounds a lot like that No carb diet I tried three times. The first time I made it one day. The second time I made it two days. The third time I made it one day, and vowed never to try that stupid diet again! Okay, so...one more day won't kill me!
As for Relay getting started, I have gotten the chance to do "my hope thing" twice this last week. I got to speak at the Haymarket Park Relay Kick Off in Lincoln and the Otoe County Relay Kickoff in Nebraska City! Both were great opportunities to share my story, sing the praises of the American Cancer Society, and share the IMPORTANCE OF EARLY DETECTION! Doing something always seems to help my spirits! It is nice to feel like this is all happening for a reason...but I still HATE it when someone tells me that!
I get to go to Sesame Street Live with the kiddos, so I need to get going!
What am I thankful for?! My "hope thing" and great big furry Grovers and Elmos!!!


Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you on Wednesday! This is going to be a great year...I am excited for the Relay to get going and be a part of it with you! I love reading your blogs....I have read alot of inspirational books but most don't even compare! LIVEstrong!! XO~Lori

Anonymous said...

Tracy - I and tons of others will be praying for you and your family on Wednesday. Relay season does provide a productive distraction from what is happening in your body until people ask you to tell your story. Sometimes it is hard to focus, but it was awesome to be able to present the Fight Back message with you at Kick-off last week. Continue to Fight Back, and show cancer that you are stronger than it! Eric

Anonymous said...

Tracy - You are always in our thoughts and prayers, but we'll work EXTRA hard to send prayers for a Wonderful, Wowie (Jack suggested that) Wednesday to you! The Brunings!