Been a long week.

This week has been a little hard. I had a cold that turned in to a nasty sinus infection, I found out that someone I care about also has breast cancer and will be starting her treatment this next week, and I had to have a blood transfusion on Wednesday because my counts were all down.
On the up side, we got our kiddy pool up in the back yard, I saw my first lightening bug of the season, and my mom came to visit and played with the kids while I got some much needed rest.
Other than that, not much is new. I am gearing up for what I expect will be quite a week. The Relay for Life is this Friday, and I have yet to get a campsite planned. We also have bank night for the Relay on Tuesday, which is the same night my oldest son has a T-ball game and my youngest son has a track meet. Not to mention that this Tuesday is my hard Chemo day. I get Carboplatin this week and it seems to take me out, which leaves Thursday as a designated day in bed! Woo-Hoo! To top off the week, my cousin is getting married! Sooo... I will have a night to have fun and to be surrounded by my family, many of whom I have not seen for quite awhile!
What am I thankful for?!?! The Women's Clinic- where they tend to read my mind and help me out when I, myself, can not even express what I need. The staff there have been amazing!!!


Relay for Life

Okay, if you have donated to my Relay for Life campaign, THANK YOU! I set my initial goal at $500 and I thought that was going to be a little difficult to reach, but within the first 12 hours of having the website we raised $705 dollars!!! My supporters are AMAZING!! I was so awe struck!! Me, speechless, now that is a feat! I really can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate this!! The Lincoln Relay has already earned over $86,000 and the Relay is not even here yet! Seriously, I just can not even believe it!!! I know many of my donations came by way of those who are also supporting my husband, and I can't tell you how much that means.
He has been working very hard to keep us going at home, as well as going to work and working hard every day! He is AMAZING! As a matter of fact, he drove clear across town today to check on me. I had gone to bed around 11pm lastnight and did not wake up until 3pm today when he walked in (and then I went back to sleep until a little after 4pm)! Let's just say I must have been tired. Unfortunately I missed work and an accupuncture appointment! =( SORRY!
What am I thankful for?!?! Those who donate their time and/or resources to help others!


Last Chemo Tx in Round 4

My labs were decent. The RBC's and HGB were low considering I had the shot of ARANESP last week, but I got it again this week and I am going to meet with someone to day to look at alternative ways to help stimulate blood cell development and help reduce my overall side effects of chemo... I will let you know how that goes.
My WBC's are in the normal range, and those are the ones I worry about most- with getting a serious infection. So, that is good news. That nasty shot I got last week did the job and made the difficulties of last week worth it!
I asked about getting a baseline (it will be somewhat baseline at this time) MUGA Scan or ECHO because I have found research indicating that the Herceptin I am on can cause poor heart functioning. They will do that in two weeks, right before I get the next dose of Herceptin, and then will do it again every three months after that. I will be having the MUGA Scan.
I had a nice dinner with my dad, and branched him out to Mongolian food! (And, he LIKED it! Not bad for a small town boy, huh?!) Then I played in the sprinkler with the kids and took the little one to track. He got a first place ribbon in his race, and was very proud of himself! As was mommy, of course, but then again I was proud of the stop-wave-last place ribbon he got last time, too!!!
Was up 'til 2am, couldn't sleep, so I signed up my Relay for Life Team!
What am I thankful for?!? Sprinklers on hot days!


Newspaper Edit

My name and some brief info about me were in the newspaper...if you read it, here is an edit to the story: My cancer is advanced so they are not planning to do surgery at this time.

Just wanted to get that edit in there...now, the gorgeous part- that was right on track! HAHAHA! I am so embarrassed! I can only imagine the heckling I am going to get at work for this one! (please be kind)

It was a nice story, however, and it does give a face to younger women with breast cancer. I feel that it is very important to let people know that younger women get breast cancer too- even as young as 17 years old! That is the IMPORTANT part to me!!!

Okay...just wanted to get that out there before too many people read it! Off to treatment!


Today/tonight I attended Football 101. This is an all afternoon/evening program aimed at women, to- learn the fundamentals of football, socialize, and come together for the common goal of raising money to fund further research in an effort to find a cure for breast cancer.

The event was started by Coach Bill Callahan last year. Coach Callahan lost both of his parents to cancer- his mother to breast cancer. Tonight The Epply Cancer Center in Omaha, a part of UNMC medical center, was presented with a check for $50,000 thanks to all of those who attended and also to those who bought raffle tickets (a winning ticket in my case!! I am now the proud owner of a framed and autographed poster of Tommie Frazier!) It was overall- a wonderful experience!!!

I am getting into the fundraising activities now, and I am working on putting together a Relay for Life team for the Lincoln relay at the end of the month. And really, I know more about relays than football, so this is good!!!

Well, it is getting late, and I have treatment in Omaha, track practice, and a t-ball game tomorrow, so I better hit the sack!


What am I thankful for?!?!?! Husker fans, and their overwhelming generosity!!!



Thursday was by far the worst day so far. Good thing I have that "renewed sense of determination"... I have been having a hard time keeping food down this time and with the added cold, fatigue and bone pain from that shot, it really took it out of me.
I slowly got better on Friday, worked for a few hours in the afternoon, and ended up going to the Relay for Life in Seward on Friday night, late. It was so nice and calm out that night, and the luminaries just glowed. I went with one of my best friends and my mom and met my sister and nephew there. We went at 11pm after all the hoopla was over, so it was just quiet and peaceful. It is quite an eye opening experience if you have never been to one. It is really unbelievable to see the number of people who battled with or currently are battling cancer. And, that does not include all the people that are affected as caregivers or friends and family of those with cancer. We walked the track a few times, and then headed out, but it was kind of the turning point for my week. I began to feel better, physically, after that. And mentally, it is reassuring to see all the people who spent their time and money to pull off an event like that. Coming from someone with cancer, it is kind of like a GREAT BIG HUG. It is a fantastically warm feeling. (But, that is just me, I am one of those touchy, feely kinds of people!)
Well, I got some good rest last night, so I am off to get some stuff done around the house! Take care out there!!
What am I thankful for?!?! HUGS!!!


Forgot to mention....

....I set up an appointment to meet with the Cancer Center Nutritionist next week. I have been reading a book called What your Doctor Did Not tell you about Breast Cancer (or something close to that, it is late...). It has really got me thinking about my diet and how it can help me improve my health and overall chances for survival! For any of you who are interested in preventing breast cancer in yourselves or a friend or loved one, it is a pretty good read and I can get you the exact title and author. If you are pretty emotional about my situation, I would maybe consider passing it up, it can be a hard read at times.

I am currently working on creating a data base of all the rx's, herbal supplements, and OTC drugs that I am taking, so I can share this with her when I go in. I am also pulling together information on diet and nutrition that I have heard and had passed on to me so as to get an opinion on these things too! I can feel battle heating up!!! =)

Renewed sense of determination...

I don't know if it was the long weekend or the fact that I have had a lot of time to spend with my family and friends in the last week or so with my birthday and memorial day, or all the positive vibes that I am still getting from all of you out there, but instead of spending last night dreading today's treatment I was ready for it. And, I think being read for it and not dreading it made it go so much better!!!

The chemo nurse I had today pumped (okay, dripped) my Herceptin much faster this time, so that 1 and 1/2 hour portion of my treatment only took 40 minutes! Nothin' better that lessening the actual treatment time! (Not that it is all that bad, but my ability to sit in a chair with the sound of Judge Judy droning the back ground is rather limited!) Today was a little slow overall, because they had all of Monday's and today's patients in the office due to the holiday weekend. I don't mind waiting, I would rather wait then have someone get a delay in their treatment. There is NO reason for that!

All my blood counts were good today. I went ahead and had the Aranesp shot today and will do the Neulasta Sucks-a shot tomorrow to stay on top of my counts. While it is not walk in the park, I just don't feel down about that either, because it works! and it is what I need to keep on top of things and keep from causing a delay in my treatment, so let's just get at it! (However, as a side note, you might want to avoid me from about mid-Thur to about mid-Fri because that is when it tends to kick in, and my stellar mood might be a little tarnished! I apologize in advance.) THIS TOO SHALL PASS! (My new slogan!)

WHAT AM I THANKFUL FOR??? Three day weekends, digging in the dirt, and a healthcare team that I love and trust!!!

I hope everyone spent their weekend well!!!