Too much!

There has been too much to do lately, and not enough time to BLOG about it. My last very short blog was from the day that many of us lost a friend to cancer. She was young, with small children, a loving husband, and a wonder family, and it is just not fair! I have gone over it in my head a million times, and I just don't get it.
The day after the funeral I flew to Austin Tx to do a taping for the American Cancer Society(ACS). I was very nervous, but I drew from my anger towards cancer and the loving memories of the two friends I have lost to cancer in the last year, and did best the I could! I hope that all my fundraising and support for the ACS brings hope and life to others!
Now in the next 2 months I hope to raise about $16,000 dollars to reach my goal of $20,000! Thanks to those of you who have already supported the ACS through our Relay for Life team, and if you haven't yet, but you would like to, go to www.acsevents.org/lincolnne and click on my name in the top right corner and make a donation! We all know someone who is fighting cancer or has lost their life to cancer...please help us find a cure!
What am I thankful for?! Memorial Day weekend and all the love and memories that come with it, lawnchairs in the driveway, children laughing, and rest.


Be thankful for the time you have....

What am I thankful for?!
....the power of love and family....