ATTITUDE is everything!  *Tracy

On Jan 17, 2011 7:39 AM, "Tracy Harnly" <tmarymoon@gmail.com> wrote:
> Getting ready to head to Omaha for a MUGA Scan, meet with onc, and then back
> to Lincoln for radiation. Still not able to move my left side and having
> difficulty with swallowing.
> Radiation was down for 2 days at the hospital. That was not helpful. Having
> a lot of pain when up in the morning or seated for a long period of time.
> I am staying at Dans house and my mom is here 24/7. Home health is coming in
> too. Amen.
> Thankful for? All the help.
> ATTITUDE is everything! *Tracy



Monday I went to radiation and ended up in the hospital. I needed an mri of my spine due to weakness and numbness in my hands and leg. I am unable to walk on my own right now. I have some troubling lesions on the spinal cord of my cervical spine, so I started radiation on those as well. I also had nausea, vomiting, and dizziness that has been relieved with an increase in my steroids, and an inability to urinate requiring a catheter. I will be at the hopital until they get a couple more doses of radiation into me, and then maybe an assisted living facility for some rehab before home because I do not have an accessible home. Too many steroids and I might just bust out of here, incredible hulk style!!!
They sent someone in yesterday to talk to me and my family about end of life issues, wills, etc. That was hard on all.
We reestablished that I am NOT giving up yet. I am tired, yes, but I just need a little rest before I kick back in.
I acknowledged that, yes, I will die from this, bit I am going yo die fighting. This is not the time to go home and go quietly.
What am I thankful for? My great support group.

ATTITUDE is everything!  *Tracy


Scan results...

...I told the boys tonight, so I feel better about posting this now-

I would have to say that the scan results were like a kick in the diaphram. I lost my breath a little, okay a lot. The scans showed that I have several new bone lesions (spine, ribs, scapula, humerous, skull...) and now have not the 10, but now approx. 20 liver lesions. BAD NEWS! The doc suggested a MUGA scan to test my heart functioning before starting a new chemo. He has one in mind, but is also going to look into clinical trials. I also told him about the headache that never goes away and the left hand tremor, thinking a brain mri might be good too, so I had that done on tuesday. The results came on wednesday, and I have several brain lesions scattered throughout...the worst news to-date, and I have to admit that as soon as I got off the phone with the doctor I called Dan who had to keep me from hyperventilating. My parents both came to stay with me that evening...we did dinner and a movie, and mom spent the night. I will meet with the radiation oncologist tomorrow morning and we will hopefully get started ASAP on WBR (whole brain radiation). After that is finished, then we can begin chemo ...again.

The boys took the news like troopers. There were some tears shead, of course, but I stayed strong and hopefully that gives them hope that we can fight this longer. I told them that I am tough and will do everything I can to win this battle.

Thankful for?!?! I am thankful for all the prayers that are going up by so many people. I am thankful for the people in our lives that will help the kids, Dan, my sister and parents, and I through this difficult time. I am thankful for Gods love, and I will be thankful for that miracle when he sendings it. =) PLEASE HUG YOUR FAMILY!!! Hope and Love!



The boys are in my room playing football with my prosthesis...first time they have gotten along all day. Ugh. They are cracking up! Ummm...sooo not okay!
But, thankful that they are getting along!