Quick update!

GREAT NEWS!!! My rib pain is just rib pain!!!! The x-rays showed NO suspicious lesions!!! SUPER FANTASTIC!!!!!!
I will be having a PET scan next week to get a good look at my WHOLE system!
Thankful for?! Getting good news!


Fun filled -all cancer- weekend!

That title just doesn't sound quite right, does it? But honestly, that is exactly what it was.

On Friday, some of my fantastic co-workers and I held a golf outing/dinner/raffle at a local golf course and raised nearly $4000.00 for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life! It was any amazing success considering we were just planning a "little outing". (We had no idea we would make as much money as we did. That brings our team to about $8000.00 in fundraising so far this year, and we have more events to go! Do you think we can make it to $10,000? Our goal was $7500.00, and when I set that goal, I think some of my teammates were a little if-y about our ability to raise that much money!)

On Saturday we attended a benefit for a classmate of mine from my hometown who has been receiving treatment for a brain tumor. They had a huge golf tournament followed by a raffle/silent auction/live auction and a live band. It was a huge success! It was good to see so many of our old classmates and people from our community out supporting her and her beautiful family. I know that it had to very emotional and overwhelming.

Tonight? Tonight I snuggled the boys until they fell asleep. I love those little creatures so much, and I thought that would help me sleep, but no such luck. I have been having some pain in my ribs, so I am going to see my oncologist tomorrow morning to see what he thinks about it, and to see if we have a plan for my treatment. I guess I am kind of scared, and feel like my cancer might just be growing out of control in there! It is so hard to think about that. Ever since I found out that my back pain was really due to my cancer, it has been hard not to wonder, every time I have an ache or pain, if it is my cancer spreading. We already know it is in my breast again, and we don't know if the cancer in my spine is gone or not, yet, so I just feel like I am in limbo! I like to have a plan. It is hard to just think I am sitting back doing nothing, and potentially letting my cancer spread. I am hoping that my doc will go along with the idea of getting a PET scan to check out ALL of my bones! It sure would make me feel better! Then I would know for sure what was going on, and I could deal with it. Not knowing...sucks, to be quite honest.

What am I thankful for?! I am thankful that I got to see my oldest son play baseball today, I am thankful that I will be able to see my youngest son run track tomorrow, and I am thankful that I have a huge support group to help me through all this, when I need them.


Worse and then Better

The morning after I typed my last blog, I already felt like I had been disceiving. My last blog was pretty upbeat and painted a pretty nice picture of how I was doing at the time. I think maybe I felt like if I said I was happy and feeling well that I just would be. The truth is, radiation sucked a little more than I expected it to.
Radiation was disceiving to me because, I would go in to the doctors office, lay face down on a table, and for 30 seconds I would hear a clicking sound, and then I would head off to work. I saw and felt nothing. It is hard to imagine that you can have side effects related to a clicking sound coming from another part of a room. I did have them though. I am easily tired these days, and I had a bad bout of esophagitis, but it thankfully only lasted a few days.
On the bright side, my last radiation treatment was this past Tuesday, but the fatigue is still there. Most evenings I am ready for bed at about 7pm, and getting up on time for work has not been that easy either. It doesn't help that I am awake from about 2:30am to 4:30am a lot of nights! Nights are especially hard for me, because they give me time to think. During the day I keep myself busy with work, the kids, the Realy for Life, friends, and family, but at night, there is nothing to keep me from thinking about this mess that I have somehow gotten stuck with. Mostly I worry about my kids, and how they will deal with my illness and....such.
I had my herceptin treatment this past Thursday, and met with my doc. I am still doing that every three weeks. He hasn't decided on whether or not to do any additional type of treatment yet. And, he has me on a lot of restricitions right now while my spine is in its current weakened state. I still can not run, I am not supposed to be lifting anything, and no strenuous activities. They worry about compression fractures. They will scan me in a month to see what the radiation did, and then we will proceed from there. I am hoping that I will get the okay to run at that point, but I do remember them saying that it takes about 6 months for new healthy bone to replace the areas that have been radiated, so maybe it will be longer than I had anticipated. I better start a walking program.
Well, if I don't wrap this up, the birds are going to be singing!
What am I thankful for?! I am thankful that the radiation has relieved my back pain for the most part, and I am thankful that summer is here!