Pink Paper Roses

Today I was shopping over my lunch break. As I was checking out, I grabbed one of the pink paper roses they are selling for a dollar to help promote breast cancer research. The girl checking me out said that she had noticed that I buy one each time I am in, and gave me a gift with my purchase for being a such a charitable customer. It makes me wonder if her life has been touched by someone with breast cancer. It wouldn't really surprise me, it seems like everyone I talk to knows someone who has been through this, in some form or another. Anyway, I guess I really appreciated her enthusiasm and felt like I wanted to share it with you all. It is such a small thing, but as a person with breast cancer, it really makes me feel good to see people being so supportive of the cause....because it is my life....
What am I thankful for?....those who are working on finding a cure for breast cancer, and all those who find it in their heart to donate to the cause!!