No Chemo Tuesday!

Today was blood draw day.

I found out that my white blood cells are up and my reds are up a little. My Hgb-for those of you who do not know, hemoglobin is the part of your blood that carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body- is quite low, so I will be going up to Omaha tomorrow to spend the day for a little rest and blood transfusion (the next best thing to rest and relaxation)! I suppose that is why I kept getting lightheaded when I tried to dance on Friday night...I thought it may have just been the heat from my ultra sexy dance moves! ((If you have ever seen me dance, you would understand how funny, not egotistical, that statement really is!!))
Now, I have reached the point where I start taking a little unpaid leave time. Bottomed out my sick leave in the last two months, with an astounding 60 odd hours off in March and and an additional 20 some hours off in April! What a slacker, I know!! Have a little vaction time left, but I think I will save that for the kids events that I want to attend. But really, the worst part of missing work tomorrow?....tomorrow is a food day, which means no meat snacks and chocolate cake for breakfast!(really, thinking that my body may have sacrificed itself to get out of eating my co-workers cooking!)
Well, I was told that my last blog was quite wordy, so I am going to wrap it up, and go try out my new "healing meditation" CD. Hope you all get a little R&R yourselves!
What am I thankful for? The sweetness and innocence of children! After track practice tonight, my little one said, "Mommy, I am so proud of you! You did such a good job watching me at track!" Oooohhhh....so sweet he melts my heart!