Day 8, Round 2

Today was my short chemo day! Woo-hoo! I always feel so good on chemo day, which is nice! My blood work was not too bad. My white blood cells are down again, so I am supposed to avoid sick people, crowds, raw fruits and veggies, etc, you know. My RBC's were pretty good and I got a shot to help keep them there, and my HGB was better than last week, so that is good too! I take a shot tomorrow to help boost the white blood cells, which is good, but makes all my muscles ache, so I am taking volunteers for anyone who gives good back and shoulder rubs, because they usually hurt the worst. =)
All in all, I am doing better, and a thanks to all the supportive e-mails after the whinny one I put out late last night. I was tired and bummed, and that is just what happens....today I felt much better after some sleep and the chemo fog finally lifted! Funny, I forgot to make that psych appointment I said I was going to make! Sorry to those who have to put up on me on the bad days, but it is so hard to schedule those when you are feeling good!!! Maybe next week!! (wink-wink)
What am I thankful for!?!? ...for E-mail and for my friends who so lovingly and understandingly taking the mood swings for what they are and nothing more, and never give up on me! You will all never know how much you mean to me!! And, if I don't return you call.... I AM SORRY! I am working on it, I swear!