Day 1, Round 3- Good Stuff

When this round is over I will be half way done with the first step of my battle! And, the worst chemo visit (because it is so long) is now over with!
Today a friend of mine took me to chemo...She had the task of hanging out and waiting from 10am to 3pm with me! She was a great entertainer!! She told stories the whole time, and made the visit just zip by! Several times, I actually forgot I was there!!!

The doc examined me and said that he felt my condition was responding well to the treatment. He said my tumor definitely felt smaller. And the blood must have been some good stuff because all my blood counts were within a fairly good range! The gave me a shot of Aranesp today to stay on top of my red cells, and help me keep from getting soooo... fatigued. Here's to hoping it works!

My doc will be gone next week...off to a conference to learn new defenses in the fight against cancer. I will miss him (wink-wink) but the PA is very nice!

Returned to Lincoln to see my kiddos run track! Laken got 3 out of three in the 50 yard dash! He stopped 5 yards from the finish to look for us and wave and smile!! Went from a nose length lead for the blue ribbon to third place! But....gotta love that smile!!! Skye got 1st place in the 100 yard dash...we are going to start calling him dash because he has a whole collection of blue ribbons now! He is my competitive child! It was a great end to a pretty darn good day!! I got to spend time with a friend, give my cancer a good strong kick in the @ss, and I got to see my kids have fun and play!

I bought a sound machine today, hoping it will help with my sleep issues! So I am off to listen to the "waves crash on the beach"! Well, minus the waves and the beach and the Mai Tai's, but here is to pleasant dreams to all of you!!!

What am I thankful for?!
Two parents who are loving and supportive and have molded me into the person that I am today! ((I am sure there are some quirks in there too, but those are cute and endearing, right?!?!))