Yet another set back...

Went in for chemotherapy today, and no such luck. Was scheduled for 10 Mondays in a row and made it 2. Perfect. :( No chemo = no cancer killed. Hello!!!!??? I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS!!!!! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!!!!?????
My red blood cell counts were not quite low enough to get blood...thank you very little (be fine or be low enough to be fixed!).
My white blood cells were basically non-existent. WBC boosting shot today and tomorrow and then lab again on Wednesday. Antibiotics all week to keep infection away since I have nothing to fight back with (seems to be a theme here).
I am disappointed, of course, and at a time when someone I care about has been newly diagnosed with a lymphoma and will hopefully be starting treatment soon, given a "good enough bill of health".  (That part in quotes sounds pretty stupid.) GOOD GAWD ETHEL!!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!!!
Thankful for!? Making Strides Against Breast Cancer this coming Sunday. Registration is at noon. The walk is at 1pm. If I can't fight this breast cancer within my body this week I am sure as hell not going to let an opportunity pass to FIGHT for more breast cancer research, more breast cancer advocacy, and more services to help women just like myself who are stuck in the trenches of a fight they didn't ask for.  There may be pink ribbons on everything from cat food to nail clippers, but there are still women DYING of this disease. Pink isn't pretty to me. It isn't cute. Pink represents a deadly disease that is trying to steel my time with my children...To see them grow....To steal hugs and kisses in the car at school or before bed or any other time of the day.
Knowledge is power!
If you would like to donate or join me in my fight go to


You can't take away my cancer or my chemotherapy symptoms, but you can walk beside me and my family or support the American Cancer Society by visiting the website above.

Rough day. Thanks for reading.

ATTITUDE is everything!  *Tracy


Anonymous said...

I will see you Sunday. Mom and I will be there helping you and other fight this disease. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Well put sis!! I LOVE YOU!! XOXO I HATE PINK TOO...although you should see my hair right now...HOLY PINK!! :) The cure is around the corner!