New style...

The one thing I think I managed to do through the last 5 1/2 years of my treatment for metastatic breast cancer was to...not look sick. Most people didn't believe me when I would tell them my cancer story.
Today, I woke up with my bald head and thought to myself...I guess I need to buy a bunch of camo so I can make this look like a style CHOICE, but it wasn't a choice, was it!? Nope, as the hair flew, I thought DAMN CANCER TO HELL!
My only hope is that I can somehow make this "okay" for my boys. I took "funny" pics throughout the shaving process,  I bought hats, scarves, and a wig...I just want them to see me as mom and not see the cancer every time they look at me. Cancer is scary and I don't want them to be scared...not everytime they look at me, anyway. I know we all will be scared at times, I just hope it doesn't take long for us to look past the bald head.
Thankful for!? Heidi, Lori and Steve for making the process lighthearted. They were very good at making me smile and were sensitive to padding my self-esteem. Love you guys with all my heart! (Pics...Not quite ready to post those yet, but they will follow when the time is right.)

ATTITUDE is everything!  *Tracy

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AHarnly said...

I am SO amazed by your strength. But even the strongest have their low times. Opening yourself to your close friends and letting them help you through is a gift God gives us. Remember its ok to not be ok!