Oncology visit today:

Went to Omaha today. My blood counts are all back up and my white count is very high, which is good for me (it is due to the shots, not an infection).
I was able to get chemo and this next week I will only do one shot on saturday instead of monday, tuesday, and saturday. This should cut down on my bone pain. 
Chemo went pretty well, got sleepy for a bit, but no feeling sick as of now.
Laken had a football game tonight that I was able to go to. He had an interception that he ran for a touchdown!!!
Thankful that I was able to be there to see it!!!! Thankful for my sis who is always checking on me, my mom who brought over food for dinner and enough to freeze, and dad who went with me to chemo! I am lucky to have caring family members who all live so close!
Now for tomorrow? Maybe a smooth new do! My hair is no longer attached...when I run my fingers through it it rains down onto the floor. Might be time to just let it go.
Hope and Love, Tracy


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Anonymous said...

You are NOT letting it go, you are making the choice to give your scalp a vacation. LOL
Love ya T!!