God spoke to me today

I hate to admit it, but while we have been making it to confirmation every week, we have missed church the last few weeks due to family conflicts, football, and illness..
Then, today, after having been sicker than a dog on thur fri and sat, my symptoms improved such that we were able to make it to church and Laken even insisted on chuch with Skye and I over sunday school which is very unusual.
So, we walked into church...I gave a second glance to a big box of kleenex and decided that I was fine (really!?!?).
The service starts and we come to find that the lesson for today was "When God seems Silent".  How do we deal with storms in our lives, such as a cancer diagnosis or an inability to find employment, when we pray and pray and God doesn't seem to be answering our prayers? The boys and I looked at each other and I knew I should have grabbed those kleenex!
It was a fantastic sermon for all of us, and I am thankful that God lead us there today to hear it!
As for the rest of the day I felt pretty well other than some jaw issues and probably very low hemoglobin. I am hoping they will give me a blood transfusion tomorrow after chemotherapy.
Skye won his last football game tonight and had 2 touchowns! He was the MVP of the game and got a gift certificate from the organization.
The boys and I finished the night with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (skyes fav) and ice cream from Zestos. We snuggled and read in our books for over an hour and then they hit the sack.
Unfortunately I took some pain medication for my jaw and will now be awake all night despite also taking a sleeping pill. Brightside- I am getting caught up on facebook. Ha!
What am I thankful for!? A great church, compassionate and intelligent children, and perfect temperatures on this beautiful October day! I love wearing jeans and flip flops!

ATTITUDE is everything!  *Tracy

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