I woke up with bad pain in my jaw, the meds aren't lasting all 12 hours. Hopefully they will build up in my system and start working better soon. They kicked in by the time we made it to church, so that was nice. Pastor Greg was talking about a woman in Honduras, where our church does mission work, who had 16 teeth pulled and was so happy and hugging and thanking everyone. I can't imagine the pain she must have been in with all those infected teeth and no medical or dental care! We are so blessed here in the US. What if I had to cope with cancer in a country where I had to live in a 4'X5' shack with dirty water that  made me sicker? I surely would have died in a few short months. I am so blessed to have healthcare, a decent home with clean running water, and electricity. 
After church Laken went with Dan to baseball practice and Skye and I had lunch and then went grocery shopping. We had to wait in the jeep awhile for my food to settle before shopping, but shopping on a nauseated stomach seemed to save me some money. Now we are at Skye's baseball practice till dark and then home for the night.
Dad will be up in the morning to take me to chemotherapy, and since school is out, the boys will be going too. I gave myself a shot yesterday, so hopefully my blood counts will be high enough to get treatment.
Thankful for!? Those individuals that are doing mission work in other countries and also the many that go out in our community and help the less fortunate right here. Skye and I will be helping out Matt Talbot soup kitchen twice this week.

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