They are going to stop that nasty chemo (carbo)and just give me more of the other one. YAY! Gonna keep my hair again, I think! I hope!
So, Gemzar every Monday for 3 weeks (gonna have to get better nausea meds) and then one week off. I will also continue to take the oral chemo, Tykerb, daily.
Thankful for?!?! No more hospital visits in the near future! (Fingers crossed!) My doc is the best! He always takes into consideration quality of life and not just knockin me out with hard hits that aren't going to "cure" me anyway. Working on keeping me 'stable'! My next scans will be the first week of August. So, from now till then, pray that the Gemzar does the trick!
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Anonymous said...

Hey T,
Good to see you today. You looked FABULOUS as usual and I can't believe how big the boys have gotten. We miss you like crazy at work, but it's great that you are able to relax and spend time with the kids! Love ya like crazy!