Typical Saturday (?)

Today I got up, went and watched Skye play baseball, cheered as his team won and he made some great hits, I picked out a wig, and then watched Skye win another game while Laken played with other kids in the background.
Just a typical Saturday, huh?
Not really. How many other moms rushed over to Bravados over lunch to try on 12-15 wigs in ever shape and color in anticipation of losing their hair? I was actually much more emotional as I did this in 2005. This time it was easier (my eyes welled up with tears once, but not one tear dropped)...perspective plays a big role, and I have 5 years of perspective behind me. Besides, my hair is already thinning to the point that I am uncomfortable with what I see in the mirror. Not that it should matter, but I don't like the way it looks, and that does bother me.
So, now I feel prepared, if that is possible. I call the insurance company on Monday to see what % they will pay of my "hair prosthesis" (ie. Wig), give Bravados my wig rx from my doctor and I will be good to go...all ready for my hair to fall out! Then I can officially look as sick and crappy as I feel much of the time. Speaking of feeling crappy, Monday is when I get Carboplatin again (the nasty chemo) that has landed me in the hospital 2 out of 2 times- once for a blood transfusion and once for high fevers. Happy Happy Joy Joy. I don't mean to complain, but it is really hard to get psyched up for that!

What am I thankful for?! My supportive baseball moms (and dads)! I am also thankful for Skye's comment when he saw me in the wig for the first time, "You look sooo young!". My response, "SOLD!!!" Laken, he was just surprised to see It wasn't PINK! Oh dear! Hope and Love!
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Anonymous said...

What happened to the one from 2005? You can always have Koke wear that one!

Carlynn said...

Gotta love the honesty of children! I love the "You look so young comment". That made me smile. I hope your chemo doesn't have such negative affects on you this time.

Anonymous said...

Hugs,thoughts, and prayers your way!! If you have the 2005 wig, dye it pink, 2 hairs are better than 1 ; )
jackie mc.

Tracy said...

I gave my wigs to Tracy when she was going through chemo, and she asked if I wanted them back, but I gave her the okay to pass them on. I need a fresh new look, and I love the one I found! Better than my real hair!