A mess...

As the hours count down and chemo gets closer, I am much less positive about having to go up to Omaha tomorrow. I figure that is a lot of the reason that I gave been crying all day. Well, that and the fact that my boys aren't with me today. I never know what to do with myself. I miss their snuggles and how they make me laugh. I can't stand the silence! However, they are with their daddy on Father's Day, and that is VERY important!
I got a letter from the lab saying that my blood work from Monday showed I was a little anemic, but other than that it looked pretty good! YAY! No wonder I have been having such a great week. I guess that is what makes it double hard to go to chemo tomorrow. I will just have to cross my fingers and hope that this time it will be better. It is always possible!
I did get Skye's room cleaned today, so that was productive for me! (Laken's room is always clean!) Hopefully he will enjoy going in there again!
Today has been movie day! Jayms and I watched 'Valentine's Day' and 'Sherlock Holmes'.

What am a thankful for?! My DADDY!!! Happy Father's Day, Dad!! ...and both my grandpas, and all you other DADS out there! Love ya!!! XO
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A Harnly said...

Faith, Hope and Love.
Thinking of you daily. I'll send some great picts I got of the boys with Zoey today. Those precious kiddos make all the "icky" days worth it. Cling onto what gets you through and it will get you there.