Fantastic Weekend!

This was a great weekend! Spent Thursday helping Lori with the Lucky 7 run, spent Friday with the boys and worked on the Lucky 7, and Saturday the run was a HUGE success! Skye and Laken ran the 1 mile race! Skye got 2nd place behind an NCAA runner, who he kept up with for the first half mile! And then got to take the 1st place prize money! Laken ran amazingly well! I just didn't know those little legs could move so fast!
Skye won one of his two baseball games this weekend and Laken won his game!
The Lucky 7 was on the 10/11 news which can be seen on www.1011now.com, or there is a link to it on my FB page! Good press! After this run, I am now on a mission to find a runner who owns a business that would like to sponsor chip timing for our race next year! We had some fantastic runners out in the park this year and to have chip timing would only make things so much better! Awards would be easier and such accurate times would save us a lot of stress and occasionally some confusion! Runners and race directors both love chip timing! SO....if you know the perfect person for me to contact PLEASE let me know. The perfect person would be someone with a business we could promote with our run, $$ to donate to the chip timing system, and they would must likely enjoy running.
Chemo is tomorrow. Bummer.
What am I thankful for?! Met some cool people this weekend and had some fun! HOPE and LOVE!
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-Brandy Leigh

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Running Company downtown? They are great!