New look!

Well, I spent all my time updating my BLOG to the new template that I don't really have time to type much! I tried forever to move my site counter up higher, but can't seem to figure it out, so that is now all the way down at the bottom, is anyone cares. It is a little off, but with that many hits, who can keep track anyway?! =)
I am all recovered-ish from my colorectal surgery, and I start a clear liquid diet tomorrow along with a two day colon cleanse beginning on Wednesday, all in preparation for Friday's hysterectomy. I don't anticipate any problems with this surgery either. I can't tell you how excited I am for the fasting and prepping, but in preparation of the preparation I ate M&M's, pop tarts, Jimmy John's, and a taco salad as big as my head and right now I am just finishing up a Coors Light. One couldn't hurt, right?! Surely not after the Dancing Queen show I put on Friday night during a night out with the girls to the local gay bar! They always have the best dancing at those gay bars! Well, except when I go, I ugly it up tall, blond, white girl style! Oh dear! Real friends would not have let me dance with my scarf swirling overhead! (You know who you are!)
Hope everyone is doing well! And recovering from all that turkey!
What am I thankful for?!
The ability to take one day at a time. I am also thankful for Tracy's drive down memory lane! It is good to do that ever now and then.


Tracy said...

Hey Trace,

I like the new look for your blog. I know how to move the site counter if you want to call. Or at least I think I do :) I am so with you on the preparing to prepare. That sucks you have to do that cleanse! I've done it just to do it--even ate a fruit only diet for days. I hope it works (I remember your other story). Talk with you soon!

Miss Cancer Pants Jr.

Belinda said...

Super glad to hear the first surgery went well! And have TWO Coors Light-they totally count as a clear liquid, I'm pretty sure! I'll be thinking of your as you prepare for the next round!

juju said...
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juju said...

wǒ tīng jiàn wǒ wàng jì. wǒ kàn jiàn wǒ jì zhù. wǒ zuò wǒ liǎo jiě.

i buy pop tarts and drool. i eat taco salads as big as my head and smile. i drink coors light and i dance like a queen.

or more probably:
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.