So, I decided that I don't make a very good patient, because all I do is pout around about all the things I should be doing. I am trying to watch the movies that Dan brought me to keep me occupied, but I keep pausing the movie to do things, like straighten things in the living room, and since I am not supposed to lift much, I made 20 trips to the washer to put clothes in piece by piece! I can't watch a movie knowing that a pile of dirt clothes is just sitting there!
I also realized that I am addicted to ice cream! That was the first thing I ate in the hospital after my fasting for surgery, and now I can't seem to stop eating it! Rocky Road is my favorite at the moment, and the worst so far is Birthday Cake Ice Cream. It is way too sweet!
A friend of mine also brought over homemade tacos for the whole family on my first night home, and a get well kit with all the necessities, like flashy earrings, holiday bangles, colored lip shimmer, a fancy red clutch, crazy knee-high socks, a monkey game....what more could a girl want? I am glammed out for my trip from the bed to the bathroom!
The kids have been keeping close tabs on me, and they love the fact that they are getting ice cream before bed every night! Skye loves to help, so he took the bandaides off my stomach last night so I could shower. I have 5 small incisions on my belly where the went in with the robot and camera to look around. The figured that since they were going to have me under anesthesia anyway, they might as well take a look around an see what is going on in there with their own eyes! My gyn oncologist is Dr. Morris, and he is GREAT! He said that they did not see any cancer anywhere with the camera. He said that pathology would look at everything they took out and get back to me in about a week. That was good news!
I am ultra bummed for my friend Tracy. She just shaved her head. Her hair is falling out from the chemo. For goodness sake it is 7 degrees out!!! She will get good use out of the Packers stocking cap! Lucky for her she is blessed with a nice head and cute little ears! If you are a girl, or even you guys, give a little thanks for your hair. You don't think about how much you use it to define you until it falls out. And in most situations it falls out in the middle of a life trauma....cancer. Cancer not only beats you up on the inside and threatens your life, but at the same time it puts a major strain on your self-esteem with the hair loss, acne, weight gain from steroids (or eating too much ice cream), and some people even lose their finger and toe nails. Not only do you have to live, but you have to know that you are worth fighting for even though you feel like crap! Tracy P, I know you are worth fighting for, and I know that you know it too! You are lucky to have a great support network, including a hubby who loves your bald little head, because it is a part of you now, and...your hair might affect your looks, but it doesn't affect who you are, and you are BEAUTIFUL!
Well, I better get going, I gotta unpause that movie. At this rate it will take me 3 weeks to watch it.
What am I thankful for?!
For my hair. For the drugs that are making Tracy better. For Rocky Road ice cream.

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