At 10pm I ran out of Rocky Road ice cream!
Good news, cookies and cream ice cream doesn't suck. I put a hurtin' on that at 3am when I let the dog out to potty! I have to go back to work before I need to order a larger office chair! Can someone go into my office and measure the width of my chair? I need to know how close I am getting! Just comment back, and let me know!
What am I thankful for?!
Cymbalta! If you are crazy too, you will know what I mean!


Chris said...

My measuring tape shows you have plenty of room, as long as you can fit in your big heart!

Get back soon, but not too soon, Mac

Belinda said...

Hey...didn't they REMOVE some stuff from you? In my book, that means you are obligated to fill back up on ice cream. It's like, your duty.