Sad news!

Well, since she has started a BLOG, I think it is safe to pass on to you that one of my best friends, going way back, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is sad news for me, and even more sad news for her. I hate the idea of anyone going through this, especially a dear friend!
I found out on my way home from our Dominican trip. I cried all the way through the airport and lit up everyone's phones until I got ahold of someone who could give me more information.
I hope that she knows that I would and WILL do anything in the world for her!
If you would like to check out Tracy's blog, here is the address- http://mynewreality-tracy.blogspot.com/
Keep her in your thoughts and prayers! I know I have wonderful people looking after me, and I hope that you will include her. In high school we were never referred to alone, we were always The Tracy's or The Blondie's! Now we are The little Miss Cancer Pants'! Some things I wish we didn't have to share.
What am I thankful for?!
I am thankful that her cancer did not spread to her lymphnodes and beyond! She is going to kick cancers butt!


Belinda said...

I've gone back to referring to you guys by your maiden names. It gets a smidge confusing to try to explain what's up to the family with you both. And they've always asked about you and kept you and your family in their thoughts. Now, they have two of their adopted kids to worry about! Thanks for being such a resource of strength and information for Tracy! Take care you!

Anonymous said...

you werent twirling it about your head but more from shoulder to shoulder!! and real friends let you be crazy & have fun sisterah!! LOVES YOU HONEY :)