Whew, the weekend is over!

Well, I made it through another weekend, with lots of help that is! Weekends are hard b/c that is when my fatigue seems to be hitting me. Thursday night I got one of those tireds, where you are so tired you just want to cry, or in my case, you do start crying....right in the middle of the driveway!!! And my neighbors thought we were weird before, look out, I have skills in that department!!! I have been known to walk our dog in my monkey jammies!!

Anyway, as far as everything else cancer related.....I still have my hair, and trust me, I inspect every hair on my head to see if it is still there...no wonder I am so tired! I haven't even had to take any extra meds for nausea this week!

Up and coming...NO CHEMO THIS WEEK! All I have this week is a blood test (CBC). I have that on Tuesday, and will find out if the shot that I had last Wednesday has helped to boost the production of while blood cells in my bone marrow. The Dr said that the shot may give me an achy feeling in my bones, but the only ache I have is in my Gluts from that walk I took on Friday afternoon!!! (But THAT is a good kind of pain!) =)

If you are reading this.....thanks for caring! And hey, do me a favor? Do the best to be greatful for all that you have! I know I am!

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