Adventures with WIGS!

Ordering a wig...One of the many things I didn't think I would have to do once I hit age 30! When I cried at midnight...yes the very first moments after turning 30 (FYI-I stayed up 'til midnight watching some dumb movie on USA network just to suck every last second out of my 20's), the worst things I could think of were....my jeans fitting a little tighter than normal, a few smile lines on my face, and less wild times with friends replaced with the feeling of real adulthood and more responsibilities. At that moment, I thought I was getting old. Funny how things change in an instant! Now I just hope and pray that I get the chance to be old. I will never cry over a birthday again...I will celebrate everyone PROUDLY and with GREAT happiness!
But anyway...the whole wig thing...not really the funnest thing I have ever done. First of all, I had to measure my head in three different directions, and while I always thought I had a big head, it turns out my nugget is of average size! See, there is a good side to everything, one less thing to obsess about (okay, I wouldn't really say I obsessed about it, well, not since I was about 13 years old, anyway)! And, secondly, have you ever seen a styrofoam head in your grandmother's room as a child and been freaked out?!?! I just ordered one, so if it was too traumatizing for you, you may want to avoid my room next time you are over.
Okay, time to go tuck my kiddos into bed! Good night all!

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