Day one of the blog

Well, here we go. In attempts to keep everyone updated on my situation, which all began March 14, 2005, I have created a BLOG. What is a blog? I have no idea, but I guess we will find out, because my vocal cords are starting to wear out!

Here are the stats regarding my condition, and what I know so far: I have Stage IV infiltating ductal carcinoma. Biposy has proven spread from my breast to my lymph nodes and on to my liver, where I have 3 "small" spots. MRI has shown NO cancer in my spine, as previously suspected. My ribs are still undetermined, but I will be getting the results of some rib details(x-rays)soon.

I have started chemo. I will go through 6 cycles- 3 weeks per cycle. I have done 2 weeks of my first cycle and it is going well. On my 3rd week of each cycle I only have bloodwork, no chemotherapy. My white cell count is a little low from the chemo at this time, but my port (which they give me my chemo through) is now working and that is a relief! I got a shot today to boost my white cell production. I have very little stomach upset and am only fatigued 2-3 days per week so far. Other than that, things are going good.

To all of my friends and family, thank you for all of your love and support, I could not do this without you!! And...I know this doesn't cover it all, but it is a start! We shall see how this works out. Stick with it if you like.