Lab Results

Not too much going on today. I got my lab results back. My white cell count is back up in the "normal" range (I use that term loosely when referring to myself). My red blood cells are down so I will be getting a shot every other week to help control that. That should solve or at least help with the fatigue that I have been having. My platelets are also very low, but they do not worry about that unless I start having a lot of nose bleeds or something like that. So... any bruising you might notice is a result of "normal" behavior. (Sorry to those of you with overactive imaginations!)
....and...that about covers it! All in all- it was a great day. Most of the day I spent working and laughing with friends and managed to think about CANCER very little. And...THE SUN WAS OUT!!! Ya just can't beat that (now if I could just get that sod in my yard.....)