So, tonight I was telling the boys that for my cancer anniversary tattoo I was going to get a tattoo of their names in the shape of a heart because (like I always tell them) they are my heart.
So, I say "Where should I put the tattoo?" and my son replys "Put it on your arm, then we can be your heart and your strength!"
What am I thankful for!? AMAZING children! They are my heart AND my strength! They are what I live for and they are my hope. I am also thankful for cucumber lemonade! Yummo!!!!


Tracy said...

You have such amazing children! Great job on being a mommy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey T!
Next you have to get one on the bottom of your foot so they can be your heart, your strength, and your soul. : )

Anonymous said...

They are pretty great kiddos :) and that cucumber lemonade was pretty yummy too...unfortunately I have a weakness for my bloody mary's!! LOVE YA SIS!!