Chemo Day

Yesterday was a chemo day, and my blood counts were high enough to receive it! YAY! I have been giving myself a shot the day before chemo to help with my white blood cell production, and it seems to be helping!
This weekend I unintentionally went off one of my medications because I ran out and wasn't able to get a refill till yesterday... let's just say it was one of the longest weekends of my life.... pain, crying, hot flashes, throwing up, decreased patience, I WAS SO SICK OF ME!!!! On the flip side, I hated being so sick in front of the kids, but they were so sweet. Laken gave me a million kisses and if I cried over spilled milk, Skye would just rub my head and say calm down, calm down, we don't want your mascara to run! Made me laugh every time! We all knew tues would be better and we made it through!
Thankful for?! My medical family for bringing ME back!!! And those little guardian angels in my life (even when they are naughty)!!!

ATTITUDE is everything!  *Tracy

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Anonymous said...

No matter how crazy or sad you are NEVER let you mascara run!! GREAT LIL MEN AND SMART TOO!! XOXO