More scans tomorrow

I found out on tuesday that the back pain I have been having can be attributed to breast cancer in my spine, at T1-C7.
Aslo, when doing the chest x-ray to see if I had pneumonia or something else going on in my lungs, they accidentally got a look at my liver and found that I have lesions in my liver.
The tests I will have tomorrow will show a better picture of the extent of that disease, and will also look for any other disease in my abdomen and pelvis.
This, obviously is quite a blow, as disease in the liver is very bad news, especially when I am currently receiving chemotherapy.
I called Dan and he was very supportive as the tears flowed. We are both pretty upset, and of course, worried about the kids.
I decided to tell my sister and parents first and sleep on it a night before telling the kids.
I told the kids lastnight before dinner. They have been told so many times that it almost didn't affect them outwardly this time. Of course we all internalize a lot in this family, so you never really know. They know this time will be harder than all the rest, and Skye had some good questions. Laken usually has to sit on it for awhile and then gets emotional.
I meet with the doctor on Monday to decide what the next step is going to be and in the mean time I wait....I HATE THAT!
I don't know if I am losing my mind or what, but I think I can feel that my liver is enlarged. The sensation is driving me crazy. I am going to have to find something to do this weekend so I don't spontaniously combust!
Thankful for?!?! All the friends and family that are out there supporting me and my family and praying for us! Your outpouring of love is amazing and appreciated!


Anonymous said...

lot of hugs.............RH

Anonymous said...

Love you girl!:) ~Lori

DP said...

Remember there are a lot of us out there praying for you. I know that I have felt the benefits of the prayers others have had for us. I hope that this can help you through the time of worrying and waiting.

Terri Brown said...

Lots and lots of prayer, love and hugs Tracy. You and the family are so loved!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YA SIS!! We'll beat this and when I say we'll I MEAN YOU WILL BEAT THIS!! YOU'RE ONE BAD A%$ CHICK!! I have FAITH...I'm not really sure in what but I do believe in fate and maricles!! Physical barriers are just a test of mental strength...GET MAD AND FIGHT BACK!! A lil more time is all you'll need and somebody with big brains will have a cure just for you...a lil wink might hurry him up though...start winkin at the smart boys (or girls)!! YOU'RE THE BEST! XOXO