Tonight Jayme, the kids, and I headed over to Misty's for wing night with friends! It was a nice time, and was great to get out. Misty's has the best food and one bloody mary never hurt anyone, right?! After that we came home and watered the flowers and garden. We picked the first greenbeans of the season (we are a little behind you, Julie K) and we were able to beat the ground squirrel to a red tomato! He has been getting the red cherry tomatoes as they ripen. He eats half and then I find the other half in the yard. The garden is doing great and Laken is still excited about it. We have a ton of tomatoes on, so when they riped we won't be able to eat them all!
I am really having a tough time with my hair thinning like it is. The slow daily torcher of waking with hair on the pillow and having it come out in the shower is starting to wear on me. I am lucky I still have a lot of hair and most people can't tell, but for me it is very noticeable and I am beginning to be more comfortable in a hat or bandana.
I am off all my pain medication! I am proud of that! I was very nervous about becoming addicted and I was on pretty strong stuff (20mg of OxycontinCR in the morning and 20 mg at night), so being able to wean off is a great feeling!
What am I thankful for? My time with the boys and wing night! =)
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