I made it to the last team captain meeting and was so happy to see everyone and feel the good, positive energy! I was definately needing that after chemo today! I feel so blessed to have Relay in my life!!!
It was also good to see the 4 Borer blonds!!! Love you Girls!
Update on Relay: I still have $280 to raise in order to reach my GOAL! So, if you are still wanting to donate, scroll down to my link!
Update on Chemo: My lab was good this week, so I was able to get my Gemzar today (at the reduced dosage). Talked to the PA a lot about my chemo and dosages since I am on a lot less chemo than they had initially prescribed, and there really isn't anything else to do right now due to my bone marrow not tolerating the treatments. Okay...
Thankful for?! Chemo today.
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Anonymous said...

Tracy - How do we find your Relay site to donate??

Tracy said...

Jessica: Click on the Haymarket Park Relay Link on my 6/29/10 BLOG post! Thank you so much!!! Hugs! -Tracy

Anonymous said...

Got it!! THANKS!