Fun with the Dawgs/Preparing for Relay

Well, I have been in Des Moines since lunch time on Wednesday with Skyes baseball team! We are having a GREAT time! Skyes team all did well in the skills competitions on Wednesday night and today they won both of their games!!! GO DAWGS! Skye had his debut as catcher, and he did a great job! He loves it...he likes to be bossy!

Made it up to the room tonight to shower and make calls to check on how Relay preparations are going! Sounds likes things are going well, and if the weather cooperates, I will be happy! I hope a lot of people come out, Relay veterans and newbies! Relay is very much a time to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back! I am so thankful that I found Relay when I did. The people that Relay connects you with are such great sources of inspiration, encouragement, and HOPE!

I am so thankful to be a part of such an event! ....And so thankful for all my team members who are at home right now making luminaries and packing their trunks with tents, coolers, fundraising items, and overnight supplies! Don't forget your ipods and walking shoes!
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