Reseaching Drugs

Well, I have been doing my research and the drug that is going to help me get and stay positive is T-DM1.

Hopefully it will be available to people such as myself in a year to 18 months (I hope, crossing fingers!). It was just in stage 2 of clinical trials and was doing so well on my type of breast CA that they stopped the trial and gave it to all the women. They are now trying to rush it through the FDA, but there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Right now they are allowing everyone in the clinical trial to be on and stay on the drug. They are also allowing women to take it on a compassionate basis. In order to get on the drug that way, you half to have failed all types of standard chemotherapy, and have progressive disease. Since, there are types I haven't tried yet, I can't get on the new drug, until it is available to everyone. (12-18 month, hopefully)

What I think is so good about this drug, is that it uses both chemo and biological therapy. Biological therapy allows the combination drug to seek out just the cancer cells and then the chemo component kills them. This is much less toxic on the system, therefore causing fewer side effects! AMEN!

Anyway, that is my simple explaination of what is going on in my head regarding my cancer treatment. My goal is to use these old school standards of treatment to get me through until this new drug combination comes out! The new drug should allow me a much better QOL (quality of life) (if it works for me), than the drugs I am on now.

What am I thankful for?! Dan came over tonight to help us get the video games hooked up. Skye and I have tried for (sadly) months and just couldn't get It accomplished, so Dan so kindly came and got them going. Skye and I were able to plug everything in right, but when It didn't work, we weren't able to discern which component was the problem. Dan was quick at It, and the kids are very happy now! And I am too, maybe they will play a game or too and allow me a little nap time after chemo day. And I can't wait to kick their bootys in bowling! And get started back on the Wii Fit! Fun stuff!

Hope and Love, T
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Love you Trac!!! I will be counting down the days for this new drug! Wii Fit...I have yet to try this...I will be over!:) xoxo~always, Lori