End of grade school

Tonight Skye had his 5th grade musical. He did fantastic, and I was unable to hold back the tears. This was Skye's last event before heading off to Middle School! What a blessing that I am still here to see this transition, as he was in Kindergarten when I was 1st diagnosed with cancer. While I was happy to be in that seat, the new developments in my cancer definately made me worry about whether I would be at more events in the future. Cancer holds you hostage with thoughts of "when will I die?"...I hate it!!! Anyone could die at any time, but I have to worry about it all the time! I don't want to, I just can't help it! Cancer Sucks! Speaking of cancer sucking, my thoughts are with you Mel! Prayers to you!

Thankful for?! So happy to have spent tonight watching Skye sing! He is my STAR!

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