Here come the Holidays!

Seems like I spend a good share of time thinking about medical things during the holidays.
The kiddos and I are going to spend Thanksgiving with my Grandparents and mom in Branson MO. The last few years Dan and I have been going seperate ways over thanksgiving in order to see our own families, and the kids have been going with him. This year they are going to go with me. Their great Grandma and Grandpa Leff are so excited that they are coming to visit, and my mom is already on her way to Branson. Dan is going to spend the holiday with his family and that totally incredibly cute little niece, Zoey! She is the highlight of the holidays.
After our trip to Branson I will be out of commission for a little bit. The first week in December I am having some non-cancerous growths removed from my colon and the second week in December I am having a hysterectomy. Yippie!
Then it will be Christmas and on to the New Year....
What am I thankful for?!


Belinda said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun w/ the family ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck this week...if you need anything, this Doma Moma is only a phone call away...
Kimberly Buchmeier
(Jax's mom)

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