Almost 3 weeks

It has been almost three weeks since I last had a chemo treatment. I am feeling pretty good. If it wasn't for this cold that I have, I would be feeling exceptionally good.

Today I spent most of the day trying to get caught up on things that have been slipping behind around the house. Which is a good feeling. I am trying to get time to move so that it will be Tuesday. I am anxious to get to my Dr and find out what my options are at this point. While I have been speculating, I really do not know for sure until I get in there to talk to him.

I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary on Friday, and got 2 dozen roses at work! That was quite a surprise! I plan on celebrating 15 and 20 year anniversaries as well, so we have got to get this treatment plan figured out.

I have been spending a lot of time figuring out my new and improved nutritional plan. We went to the farmers market on Saturday and found a couple of different people who have free range cattle and chickens, which will be better for me, because they have not been given growth hormones. My mom gave me fresh eggs, and I am working on the soy milk, but it is a little more difficult. The soy cheese is pretty good. I have cut out white flour and processed sugar, so I tried some wheat pasta, which was tolerable and wheat bread, which I think I can learn to like.

I am considering doing some genetic testing to see if my children's children or my sister will be/are at a increased risk for Breast CA, and to see if I am at an increased risk for a second primary of ovarian cancer.

That is about all I know today. I will update the blog after my appointment on Tuesday.

What am I thankful for?!?! 10 years of marriage with someone that I love.


Anonymous said...

Were the eggs from the pet chicken!!Hee Hee--I can't tell you how great we feel for you! I'll be thinking of the kids this week-

Belinda said...

10 years! Holy Moly. I can't believe it's been 10 years. It seems like yesterday we were gawky teenagers, ready to start high school, with excitement and trepidation. What a wonderful milestone you both have accomplished! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

10 years? And to Dan? Yikes!

Kidding, contratulations and am sure you'll be around for many, many more anniversaries. In fact, now you'll have another anniversary to celebrate--the survivor anniversary. Just one more reason for Dan to buy you jewelry. And make sure it's BIG jewelry, with lots and lots of carats.

When do you want to come over and "dunk the kids"?

Think of you often. Dave Zeplin

Dar said...

Heidi told me the great news and I'm so happy for you! Keep positive thoughts and that will help keep the beast away. You're a special person and I think God has special plans for you. Here's to twenty more years with that special guy!!
Love, Dar