Professional Help

I am going out of town for the weekend, but when I get back, I am going to see if I can get a little professional help.
Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of me, I am sorry I am being such a downer, I will try to pick it up next week, I just have a lot to process right now!
I have a blood draw on Monday to make sure my counts are okay after the little weekend getaway, and I am also having my mammograms done on Monday.
So, I will not be blogging over the weekend, but I will try to update everyone when I get the results from my lab and mammogram back.
What am I thankful for?!?! Cooler days!


Anonymous said...

You've been through a lot. You will get through this as well. Have a great weekend. -p

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tracy -
I haven't read your blog for a couple of weeks, but I pray for you every day. I'm SO DELIGHTED to hear of the good report. Prayer DOES work! I work with the mother of one of your good friends, so just wanted you to know that there are those of us who pray & care, even though you've never met them.

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! And we have many!